MASTERS EVERY ROLE. We made a significant change to how coils were transported as early as 1973. Back then, our engineers developed a special trough which has been used ever since for safely transporting rolls of steel. A small revolution for a major industry.A step forward for safety - The innovation at that time was driven by a need to try again and again to find the correct answers when it concerned the safe transport of coils. We gave the Coil Liner a specially reinforced chassis meaning that the trailer could remain as stable as possible even with extreme point loads. Innovative standard components give additional security. A hardened-steel professional for the practice - Practical details are the convincing arguments as they make work easier, save time and reduce your costs. It has a very sturdy chassis and, with the help of the heavy-duty strapping rings on the external frame and additional plug-in posts, means that steel coils can be secured in the best possible way. Fully flexible Thanks to the Multi Lock external frame, with its many strapping points and fork-lift compatibility Coil covers, you can transport any load with the Coil Liner. It is load-independent certified.

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  • The Advantages:


    • Wells also for large coils with a diameter of 2 100 mm.
    • Practical details.
    • Safe coil well.
    • Sturdy trough cover.
    • Solid plug-in posts.
  • Technical Data:


    Type: SDP 27 eLCQ4-CS
    King pin load: 12.000 kg
    Axle load: 27.000 kg (technically possible)
    Allowable gross weight: 39.000 kg (technically possible)
    Tare weight: approx 7.000 kg
    Payload: approx 32.000 kg
    5th wheel height: 1.050 - 1.170 mm (unloaded)
    Axle spread: 1.310 mm
    Neck height: 152 mm
    Side access length: 13.620 mm
    Side acces width: 2.480 mm
    Side access height: 2.575 - 2.800 mm
    Outside width: 2.550 mm
    Tare weight in Ultra-Design: approx 5.980 kg
    Dimensions and weights for standard units