Box Liner eLTU6


Robust, innovative, flexible and unique simple: With the Box Liner SDC 27 eLTU6 20-ft. containers can be comfortably transported in the middle and flush loaded and unloaded at the rear. Thereby, the chassis slides in and out powered by the tractor unit.

The advantage at a glance

  • Rear flush loading and unloading of 20-ft containers.
  • Optimum, centre loading 20 foot containers.
  • Optimal load distribution leads to excellent handling characteristics.
  • Compliance with the legal regulations in cross-border traffic.
  • Easy handling while moving the chassis.
  • Suitable for all standard container sizes due to front and rear extensions.
  • Reduced tyre wear.
Κατηγορία οχηματων: CONTAINER CHASSIS

Technical data

Type: SDC 27 eLTU6
Axle spread: SDC 27 eLTU6
King pin load: 14,000 kg
Neck height: 130 mm
Axle load: 14,000 kg
Allowable gross weight: 41,000 kg (technically possible)
Tare weight: approx 5,900 kg
Side access height: approx 5,900 kg
Payload: approx 35,100 kg (technically possible)
5th wheel height: 1,130 mm (unloaded)

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