With its unique concept, Celsineo represents a new generation of refrigeration systems for trailers. Inspired by the request of logistics companies to maximise the reliability and cost-effectiveness of refrigerated transport, Celsineo offers a patented technology concept. The refrigeration solution features future-oriented technology, modern design and high quality of all components. The modularity, scalable performance and redundancy allow Celsineo to provide a range of technical features which are unique in this form in trailer refrigeration systems. Celsineo is therefore creating an entirely new class of cooling systems, the performance potential of which sets new standards and generates clear added value.

Modularity ensures stable cooling capacity

Conventional cooling units have a central refrigeration circuit. This involves, for example, large volumes of refrigerant and a wide range of temperature control components. If the refrigeration unit fails, this has serious consequences for the sensitive cargo and results in economic loss.

The Celsineo refrigeration system addresses this problem. It spreads the cooling capacity across three identically structured ‘plug & play’ refrigeration modules, each of which contains a separate, hermetically sealed refrigerant circuit with just a few components. The target temperature set in the trailer can be reliably maintained by just two modules. The route can therefore be completed, even in the event of an (unlikely) failure of a module, without negative consequences for the cargo.

A new dimension in efficiency

Each refrigeration module has a refrigeration circuit. This functions self-sufficiently and generates the refrigeration. With three modules, a control strategy with a wide range of options is possible. A whole new level of efficiency is attained across the entire operating range.

Increased quality of control

The Celsineo refrigeration modules can be controlled individually. This modular temperature control ensures constant cooling performance. This guarantees precise control at full load as well as during operation with a partial load, which is often the case in practice.

Flexible performance means more applications

Celsineo enables operations independently of different performance classes and therefore increases trailer productivity, because the system covers many single-temp applications. This allows fleet vehicles to be used efficiently over the long term.

Current performance classes
of competitors in Europe
(road operation at -20°C/+30°C)
performance classes
in the overall cooling trailer market
Single-temp low cooling capacity approx. 7 % e.g. flowers
Single-temp medium cooling capacity approx. 45 % e.g. fresh goods
Single-temp high cooling capacity approx. 18 % e.g. frozen goods

The solution to this range of equipment: Celsineo
One refrigeration unit for many single-temp applications due to efficient modular cooling capacity availability.

Reduction of temperature peaks during defrosting

Intelligent control of the refrigeration modules allows Celsineo to refrigerate and defrost simultaneously – for example, two cooling modules can refrigerate while one is in defrost mode. This effectively minimises unwanted temperature peaks during defrosting cycles. This results in a permanently more stable temperature profile. The goods in the cargo space are therefore always at the ideal temperature.

Added value from economic efficiency and future proofing

The cooling modules are individual, controllable refrigeration circuits. They are also the smallest of the exchangeable units in the refrigeration system. This means no certified refrigeration technician is required for inspection or repair of the refrigeration system. All that is needed is a simple quick module exchange and the refrigerated trailer is fully operational again. Low maintenance and repair costs, variable application possibilities, more productive use of the trailer as well as low total operating costs over the long term mean a short amortization period for the investment in the innovative cooling system.

New coolant requirements in the future, such as legal standards, are easy to meet with the relevant modules – because Celsineo modules are upgradable. Instead of investing in an entirely new system, it should be possible in future to use modules with the appropriate refrigerant. Celsineo cooling modules are currently designed for operation with the ozone-friendly refrigerant R452A. It complies with the F-Gas regulation valid from 2020 onwards, can be used in the long term and is safe.


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