Cool Liner City


Inner city deliveries demand cargo transportatio: what is needed here is a flexible, solid an, above all, versatile trailer that can be well handled even if there is not much space.

The Cool Liner City is tailored to these requirements: a robust running gear with solid end beam for frequent docking at ramps, a low-maintenance, quick-reaction one-bar forced steering and a chassis with long-term value preservation due to cataphoretic painting and powder coating. The Cool Liner City also impresses overall with its proven KRONE quality. The City Chassis is available as single, dual or triple axle models for 27 or 33 euro pallets. The Cool Liner City can be used flexibly with a standard tractor unit and is more manoeuvrable than any solo HGV with the same load length.

The future of inner-city distribution – In the Netherlands, but also in England, Italy and Germany statutory regulations about noise emissions during early morning and late night delivery are applicable. To fulfil statutory requirements, efforts have been underway since 1999 to develop noise-reducing lorries. The PIEK programme (PIEK = peak, to be understood as the permissible peak noise load) has led to development and launch of noise-reducing products.

The advantages at a glance

  • Extreme mobility.
  • PIEK equipment.
  • Aluminium brink wedge.
  • Lifting arm equipment.

Technical data

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