Dry Liner


Our functional Dry Liner has a variety of details to make your daily work easier. At the highest level of technology – and with a price/performance relationship which you can be proud of.

Handling rough jobs – Box superstructures need to be able to cope with rough jobs. For this reason, the KRONE Dry Liner is particularly robust. The stable chassis has diagonal frame reinforcements and can easily cope with rough approaches to the loading ramp. This means that the Dry Liner transports everything safely and protected to its destination. Be it clothing, high-value electronics, paints or furniture.

Scores with its many benefits – The Dry Liner is very flexible and scores with a variety of benefits. Thanks to the very robust material used, it is virtually indestructible. With its flexible equipment options, it is tailor- made to the requirements of our customers.

Dry Liner Duoplex Steel – By using 30 mm thick Duoplex Steel side wall panels, dry freight logistics reaches a new dimension. Recessed doubledeck guide rails and strapping rails give high levels of transport efficiency and offer the best possible load securing.

The advantage at a glance

  • Robust and reliable.
  • Perfected front wall.
  • Integral rear beam.
  • Translucent plastic roof.
  • Multi-functional internal fittings.
  • Robust and easy-care.
Κατηγορία οχηματων: DRY FREIGHT BOX BODY

Technical data

Type: SDK 27 eLB4-STG
Axle spread: SDK 27 eLB4-STG
King pin load: 12,000 kg
Axle load: 12,000 kg
Allowable gross weight: 39,000 kg (technically possible)
Tare weight: approx 61,60 kg
Side access height: approx 61,60 kg
5th wheel height: 1,150 mm (unloaded)

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