Krone Trailer Axle


Manufactured for a long trailer life – Low life cycle costs are a basic rule at KRONE. From the first step of production of the KRONE Trailer Axle, quality and durability have the highest priority. The solid basis for a reliable and durable trailer.

Efficiency taken to its limits – In detailed and controlled work, the chassis, axles and brake system are bolted together and the tyres and superstructure are mounted. And finally, all of this is checked comprehensively for correct function and possible leaks. In this way, KRONE trailers are in a class of their own in robustness, practicality and efficiency.

Tested and found suitable for durable use – No trailer leaves our premises without us being 100% convinced. Together with our partners and research institutes, we have thoroughly tested the KRONE Trailer Axle under the strictest conditions. With this process, our axles are faultless in every respect.

Low maintenance up to 6 years with no mileage limit – We do not only promise you quality: We supply it to you. One check as part of your annual main inspection is sufficient and we grant you a full 6-year warranty on the KRONE Trailer Axle with disc brakes, without mileage limits for the bearings and axle casing.

Highest flexibility from the widest choice – Along with the proven disc brake, KRONE Trailer Axles are now also available in a smaller 377 x 45 mm version. In addition, and available now, KRONE offers you a piggyback unit. This means that your trailer can be optimally fitted to meet your everyday transportation requirements.

The advantage at a glance

  • Minimum life cycle costs.
  • Low maintenance up to 6 years with no mileage limit.
  • Quick and easy change of brake discs.
  • Bellows that can be replaced without using special tools.
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Technical data

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