Long HGV


Our Long HGVs give you efficient and ecologically-friendly road freight transport. Based on a design which has been consistently developed over the past decades. Today, this commercial vehicle combination gives you the best possible utilisation per HGV and, with lower fuel consumption per tonne/km, reduces the volume of traffic.

Increasing transport efficiency. – With around 80% of all transport tasks, it is not the weight but the cargo volume which forms the limiting factor. Innovative commercial vehicles like the Long HGV make an important contribution to increasing efficiency in road freight transport and in the transport chains. They allow fewer journeys, reduce fuel consumption and thus produce fewer emissions.

n the mean time, our Long HGVs can now look back on a decade of experience in Scandinavia. With a length of 25.25 m and a cargo capacity of up to 150 m³, the Long HGV offers you space for up to 50% more cargo volume. The equipment is technically state of the art. The motor vehicle has lane keeping and braking assistance systems, for example. The trailers are fitted with an electronic brake system (EBS) with an integrated stability program (RSS), individual axle-load display as well as a reversing camera.

In addition, the Long HGV impresses with its modular concept. The system which is used most frequently is a combination of tractor with a fixed or swap-body and a dolly designed by us with a semitrailer. To satisfy the turning performance requirements (German regulation “BO Kraftkreis” that limits the turning radius), the dolly has an actively controlled front axle.

The advantage at a glance

  • Roads are less congested due to fewer vehicles.
  • Lower fuel consumption per tonne-kilometre.
  • Up to 50% more load volume.
  • CO2-savings of up to 30 percent.
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Technical data

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