Mega Lines Mutos


In order to achieve long-term flexibility and high retention value in the fleet, it is ideal to be able to adapt the trailer height when required and just this is provided by the multos. By means of the adjustable roof, the height of the trailer can be adapted to the respective coupling height of the tractor unit. Thus, the maximum permissible overall height is observed at all times. One trailer for all tractor units – Today a tractor unit with a coupling height of 1,150 mm, but in the future, a mega unit with a height of 965 mm. Limitations in the trailer’s use occur only where the legally permissible overall vehicle height might be exceeded. The Multos however, opens new possibilities in this respect and when adjusting the roof height, internal heights of 2,700 to 3,000 mm can be achieved – a distinctive advantage for the transporter. In this way, the trailer can be used for all conventional tractors with ASH 965, ASH 1,050 and ASH 1,150 mm – for maximum flexibility in the fleet. This allows the trailer to be used in many different ways and this also improves its resale value. Flexible height adjustment – The roof of the Mega Liner can be lowered in three steps by up to 150 mm from its internal height of 3,000 mm, using the conventional travel height adjustment function. The Multos, on the other hand, can be set lower by a further 150 mm, using additional adapters in the adjuster unit if the trailer needs to be coupled to a standard tractor with a ride height of 1,150 mm.

One trailer for all tractor units.
Flexible height adjustment.
Fast conversion with Multos Plus Conversion kit is available.
A flexible trailer, with a conversion kit to boost demand in the used trailer market.
Higher resale value.

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