Multi Safe System


We always have good news for your safety. With our Multi Safe System, we have developed award-winning innovations which make transports safer, more practical, and thus also more efficient.

The points that matter:

  • Award-winning innovations for load securing.
  • Modular system for individual transport requirements.
  • Practical and robust safety features.
  • Safe stowage of the cargo.
  • Highest loading efficiency thanks to flexible technology.
  • Significant saving of time when loading goods.
  • Increased economy through more safety and greater efficiency.
  • Highest reliability and longevity.

Multi Grid.

With the new Multi Grid system, Krone presents an innovative alternative to load securing without the need for costly locking rods. Multi Grid is a belt and net system that can be flexibly adjusted to secure loads in the direction of travel and is clamped between the external beam and the Multi Lock rail by means of tension straps and tensioners, thus ensuring form-fitting. The flexible belt net is therefore a perfect solution for securing cargo to the rear, in particular for superstructures in which lateral plug-in laths and/or combination load-securing rails are not or cannot be used. (pic. 02)

Multi Lock / Multi Block.

The Multi Lock side frame is equipped with about 130 strapping points per vehicle side; the loading capacity per strapping point amounts to 2,000 daN (~kg), with a total permissible load of 8,000 daN (~kg) over a length of 1,000 mm. With the solid KRONE Multi Block loading beam, your cargo can be transported even more safely now. The steel beam with 22 load securing points is positioned on the load floor transversely to the direction of travel and is locked in the Multi Lock side frame. Thus it serves as a solid stop edge for the load and at the same time as an additional fastening beam for load securing straps. The Multi Block loading beam is 80 mm wide and 130 mm high. In combination with the Multi Lock external frame, this results in more than 3,000 possible strapping points. (pic. 03)

Multi Wall.

The Multi Wall system offers an additional front wall in the trailer (load capacity up to 8.000 daN area load). The plug-in pipes are locked in the Multi Block shoe and fixed by side strapping in the Multi Lock frame. Insertable aluminium cross beams complete your variable front wall. (pic. 04)

Multi Fix.

The innovative Multi Fix system secures pipes, round steel or steel plates in minimal time (for loading weight up to 25 tonnes). With support beams, shoes, rest beams, rest pipe and one or two securing nets, combined with the Multi Lock external frame, your steel cargo is secure without problems. (pic. 05)

Multi Block Paper.

Easy handling of paper rolls. As part of a Multi Lock / Multi Block combination, with the Multi Block Paper you can secure paper rolls onto standard trailers with the minimum of effort. (pic. 06)

Multi Lash.

Multi Lash allows the universal use of all hook profiles on strapping belts. The pivoted securing rings allow the straps to be hooked-in above the side rave and thus the flattest of loads can be secured. The flexible arrangement of these strapping rings is particularly innovative, as they can be simply attached at any position along the Multi Lock side rave. The flexible feature enables a parking position beside the floor, so that loading and unloading is possible without restrictions. Multi Lash can be used with sliding curtains as well as with drop sided vehicles. The loading capacity amounts to 2,000 daN (~kg). (pic. 07)

Multi Flex.

This option provides a solution for all other types of hooks when using lashing staps and chains. The chain adapter will not be bolted to a specific position. It is fixed by hooks that are fitted to the Multi Lock side rave. Therefore it can be used over the full length of the trailer and on curtain sider as well as on drop side trailers. The loading capacity amounts to 4,000 daN (~kg). (pic. 08)

Multi Flex Flat.

A chain adapter for flat strapping which allows the tension straps to be hooked on above the external frame frame to secure flat loads, such as heavy packages or sheet metal. The flexible chain adapter can be hooked along the whole vehicle in the Multi Lock external frame both with sliding curtains and vehicles fitted with board walls. Since the adapter can be anchored into two strapping holes simultaneously, the maximum load it can carry is 4,000 daN. (pic. 09)

Multi Screw.

Unlike welded versions, the screw-fastened Multi Screw pallet attachment elements can be quickly and securely attached to the side rave. This allows flexibility, even in the event of any necessary retrofitting. (pic. 10)

Multi Reel.

Multi Reel has been especially developed for the securing of cable coils (up to 17 tons in weight). It was designed for the KRONE Paper Liners, and uses the same fixing points in the floor to take the adapter plates, on which the support wedges are attached. (pic. 11)

Multi Belt.

A tension belt that is fixed to the external frame of the vehicle and cannot be lost is equipped with an additional wire hook for extended use in the radius of the distance between belt mount and additional wire hook. (pic. 12)

Multi Rail.

The new strapping rail for building material trailers integrated in the centre of the floor runs continuously over the entire trailer length. Two strapping points, each with 2,000 daN are located every 100mm along the rail.  The load must not exceed a total of 8,000 daN over a length of 1,000 mm. (pic. 13)

Multi Strap.

Multi Strap is a sliding tension strap system over the entire length of the trailer that adds flexibility when securing the load. The straps, held in a special roller carriage under the roof of the trailer, can be quickly moved to the required position using a traction device. One-sided opening of the side curtain suffices in this regard. After loading, the tension straps are in place and can be promptly secured. Straps that are not needed can be stowed on the front bulkhead behind a holder to save space; thus the cargo area remains accessible. After loosening the tension straps, they are pulled back into their original position underneath the roof using bungee cords. The maximum loading width is always available. After unloading, the tension straps no longer need to be rolled up and stowed, and they are quickly ready for next time. (pic. 14)

Multi Tyre Comfort.

With the Multi Tyre System, KRONE is now offering a certified load securing system which greatly simplifies the previous, more complicated tyre loading process and reduces loading and unloading times. The system comprises a double-walled side curtain – designed for the purpose – with five integrated and vertical light alloy profiles in each of the four side pillar sections. In addition, two special load securing ropes per side that run over the entire length of the trailer are used. Thanks to the KRONE Multi Tyre concept, diagonal tensioning is only required for partial loads to secure the load in the rear. (pic. 15)

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