Profi Liner

All of our knowledge has been incorporated into our Profi Liner. Years of experience which we bring onto the roads with the maximum possible quality. Here, our Profi is in its element And it makes a difference every day.

Quality is the foundation of everything – Our Profi Liner has been thought out to the finest detail and fitted with particularly high-quality standard components. For this reason, it is the basis for all KRONE semitrailers. It does not matter what challenges you put in its way, it will solve them reliably.

An investment that holds its value – With the welded chassis, the cathodic dip coating and the award-winning KRONE Multi Lock external frame you can count on high stability, the best possible protection and durability – and on a high resale value for the second life of the trailer.

Profi Liner tailor made – Fit out your Profi Liner exactly to your needs with all the features that make it a true professional for your business.

Κατηγορία οχηματων: CURTAINSIDER

Technical data

Type: SDP 27 elB4-CS
Axle spread: SDP 27 elB4-CS
King pin load: 12.000 kg
Neck height: 125mm
Axle load: 12.000 kg
Side access length: 13.620 mm
Allowable gross weight: 39.000 kg (technically possible)
Side access width: 2.480 mm
Tare weight: approx 6.160 kg
Side access height: approx 6.160 kg
Payload: approx 32.840 kg (technically possible)
Outside width: 2.550 mm
5th wheel height: 1.050 - 1.170 mm (unloaded)
Tare weight in Ultra-Design: approx 5.630 kg

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