Smart Collect

The KRONE Smart Collect telematics and diagnosis unit establishes the connection between commercial vehicles (trailer, swap body) and Internet portals (e.g. NicBase, FTP-Server…). The portal can be used to call up the status information for the vehicle or the engine and actions can be remote-controlled.

As an alternative to internal antennas for GPS, GSM/UMTS and WLAN, external antennas can also be used as a product variation; the connection is then established through a FAKRA plug. An internal battery also ensures operation when the supply voltage is switched off during a period of at least one to four weeks (depending on the time interval), whereby the position of the trailer as well as the status are transmitted to the portal. The battery is maintenance-free, the service life is generally 10 years.

The connection between the KRONE Smart Collect and the vehicle via CAN or ETHERNET allows monitoring of the machine status and remote diagnosis. In addition, long-term logging is available for permanent monitoring. An internal acceleration sensor records movement and can be used as theft protection for the engine or trailer.

KRONE Smart Collect is designed for an unusually wide temperature range; from -30 °C to +70°C.


  • Commercial vehicle and trailer telematic temperature recorder in accordance with DIN EN 11838 for refrigerated transport.
  • Remote diagnosis and remote maintenance.
  • Fleet monitoring, line tracking.
  • Theft protection (movement, geo-fencing).


  • Easy installation and maintenance.
  • Simple system integration.
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