WLAN Application


  • Dispatcher and driver can connect using public WLAN with the KRONE Telematics Box.
  • This enables data exchange through a web browser and the Box.
  • Both parties can upload or download data to/from the KRONE Telematics Box.
  • Through the Internet, the dispatcher can store files on an external FTP server, and also download them again, e.g. on a PC. Can be realised through Windows Explorer. The Telematics Box synchronises automatically with the FTP server.
  • The driver can then download the data onto the mobile device through public WLAN using the KRONE Telematics Box. This is achieved using the web server provided on the Box.
  • The driver is also able to save data on the Box. This data is forwarded to the FTP server to allow the dispatcher to also view the saved files.
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Technical data

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